Oshkosh 1998 Image Gallery:
Day Four – Friday, July 31

Our fourth day of photos from Oshkosh '98.


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Day Four – July 31, 1998

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Where’s Waldo?No brakes!Where’s MY flag?Impressive wing span.
First air show, eh?Ace & Congressional Medal of Honor recipient Col. Bernie Fisher.…is the word.Mooney camo.
Never give a friend your camera during a potty break.Izzat a dollar?Won a date with Miss America.Ok, I’ve glued my hand to the plane.
I can’t put my finger on it, but something is missing.Give us a kiss.Now, if I only knew what they did.Power AND looks?
EAA asks that all children be tied down in high winds.I’m gonna drop it on the trailer.There’s a bunch of Walleye hangin’ at about 12 feet there.It’s so I know which end the engine is on.
No! I said a DIET Coke!BWAHAHAHA! I’m gonna run ‘im over.What happens when I do THIS?Can we say lens cap?