Oshkosh 1998 Image Gallery:
Day Six – Sunday, August 2

Our penultimate day of photos from Oshkosh '98.


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Day Six – August 2, 1998

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Today’s Airshow

How come it’s never like this when I want to take a shower?Can I shoot the gun?I said START!!!!!For our more “cagey” pilots.
Ok, ok, this is high enough.Pecking order.Interloper.The lengths campers go to for Oprah.
Where the wild Oshkosh bikes are brought to be tamed.Ok! Who peed in the pool?!I can see my house from here.Are you sure that it goes in here?
All this and still no CD player.Roger, Timmy, you’re cleared for departure on runway 18.I see and elephant. No! Wait! It’s Goofy!Who said size matters?
Totally tubular.What’s this? A hemmorhoid cushion?Where it ALL happens.The male aviator marks his territory.
Old soldiers forming up.No tailgating!!Don’t even! I’m a mess!It’s grrrrreat!!
Is that your hand?Roughin’ it.Four place family experimental?You, too, can have your own miniature air force.
I bet it’s even louder from back here!Not a plane, but I bet it flies.He’s the man.The cure for the backseat pilot?
Time for my close-up?The planes aren’t the only attraction at AirVenture.Darn! I’m double parked.Great ball of fire!!