Oshkosh 1998 Image Gallery:
Day Three – Thursday, July 30

Our third day of photos from Oshkosh '98.


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Day Three – July 30, 1998

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Today’s Airshow

Not your father’s experimental airplane.I thought YOU were leading.A mug only a mutha could love.It’s never like this when I want a shower.
Wings? What wings?You shouda seen it before the nose job.Another Beaver in paradise.Budget crew accommodations.
Karen does windows, too.Cute Kitty.Ramp check.Yep! I brough dad to his first Oshkosh.
Nature nymphs.Perpetual motion man.“Air Force budget cuts announced.”The perfect way to see EAA AirVenture ’98.
Mullicool Mullicoupe.From whence we came.“Wake me up when Julie flies.”Bitchin’
Dear Mom, I’m transferring to Western Michigan University.This is why it takes a week to get a letter delivered.Here she comes, Miss America.Wet Paint.