Oshkosh 1998 Image Gallery:
Day Two – Wednesday, July 29

Our second day of photos from Oshkosh '98.


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Day Two – July 29, 1998

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A pair of Grummans…a Husky…3 Cessnas and a Beaver.
No, this is not a DC-3 with a weight problem.195 + 450 = Cessna 196Flexible wing jacks?

The British are coming!
She’s rigged for cruisin’.Airplanehelicoptergyro – CarterCopter.A Dyke convention.This is gonna hurt!
Psst! Hey! Wanna buy some tires?Takeoff…takeoff…where’s that section on takeoff?Bird strike.Where’s my relief, SIR?
The Club© – economy version.Siamese tents joined at the rain fly.Conehead hat rack.It was a tight fit for the three of us.
I think it had I-struts when we left Alabama.Four place family Yak.If you can read this…you’re too close.Hey, lead, do you have the map?