Oshkosh 2000 Audio Coverage:
Day One – Tuesday, July 25

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Tuesday OSHtalk (July 25, 2000) — OSHtalk returns to EAA’s AirVenture 2000, under the wing of the Twin Beech in the North Forty camping area as host Rick Durden sits down to talk flying and the events of AirVenture the night before things officially start. Dick Knapinski, EAA’s guru for journalists and the person who is required to keep his finger on the pulse of what is happening at AirVenture, takes time out from his hectic schedule of arranging the care and feeding of journalists from all over the world to tell us a little about what is going to happen at AirVenture 2000. Dick has been all over the grounds and relates some of the very interesting things he has already seen and to give us some hints of what is to come. Carol Casper and Garrett Nievin from Flight Line Ops join us after a day of parking several thousand airplanes to share what the pilot flying in to AirVenture will face this year. They have tweaked the parking procedures slightly, in hopes of allowing even more airplanes to get into the airport and report that the number of arrivals is a bit ahead of last year even though they feel as though the airport is not quite as full. They have some pertinent pointers for those of us who are fortunate enough to fly into AirVenture and some suggestions as to how to make it a more pleasant experience. Two of aviation’s more interesting experts, Dave Gwinn, retired TWA Captain, consultant to Honeywell and noted author got together with Dr. Jay Apt, four-mission Space Shuttle astronaut and Beech 18 owner, to talk about the future of aviation safety. Their wide-ranging discussion covers uplinking information to pilots to increase the ability to make informed decisions and they look into the issue of automation versus pilot training and whether airplanes should take authority away from pilots to prevent them from making fatal mistakes.

Listen to Tuesday OSHtalk (running time 65 minutes).