Oshkosh 2000 Image Gallery:
Day Five – Saturday, July 29

Photos from the fifth day of AirVenture 2000.


Click each individual picture for a larger image.
“Catchin’ a Tailwind.”“Pocket Rocket.”“Do you deliver?”
“A ‘bolt out of the blue.”“I see why it’s called ‘Breezy’.”“Placard?”
“Hi-Lo Hightow.”“Where the Long-Eze’s graze.”“Moffra? Where’s Godzilla?”
“Can you say Speed?”“Thuper Thorp.”“A flying fish boat?”

“Little boy blue.”


“El Pollo Loco!”

“You outta your Vulcan mind?”

“Hang loose.”

“The SteeBee GeeBee.”

“Whirlin’ Merlin.”


“I’m Batman.”

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