Oshkosh 2000 Image Gallery:
Day Six – Sunday, July 30

Photos from the sixth (and next-to-last) day of AirVenture 2000.


Click each individual picture for a larger image.
“Let’s all bow.”“Proud American Pilot.”“Mustang envy?”
“Stealth prop.”“What a schnozz.”“Cute plane, funny name.”
“Living Legend.”“Ride the ‘wind.”No pushing.”
“Little white rocket.”“Hey Foxy.”“This Lion don’t ‘strut’.”
“Baby Mustang.”“Blue Flamer.”“Thunderclap?”
“Snake bit.”“Last of the Mohicans.”“Done right.”
“Quality is Job 1.”“I’m bigger than you are.”“Get Hyper.”

“Ok, chidlren, single file.”“Life’s a Beech.”“Cubby!”
“Steppin’ up.”“A pack of Renegades.”“Valet parking?”
“Say aaaaaAAAHHHH!”“It’s like day & night.”“The show must go on.”

“Time for Tommy Talk!”

“Lakes sans lake.”

“Un-jolly Roger.”

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