Oshkosh 2000 Image Gallery:
Day Three – Thursday, July 27

Photos from the third day of AirVenture 2000.


Click each individual picture for a larger image.
“Bo knows speed.”“After painting, hang to dry.”“May the Force be with you.”
“Ok, now get the duct tape.”“Albatross in Paradise.”“Get it off me!”
“Hot blooded.”“The full on Connie.”“He wants to land where?”
“Ok, that’s 3 brats, extra mustard…”“Little Miss Marilyn.”“Sweet Revenge.”

“Frasca’s ’40.”

“Anything but ‘drab’.”

“Hey, babe.”

“All American Beaver.”

“Ummmm…maybe not.”

“Aww, how cute.”

“Fred Flintstone’s Homebuilt.”

“The Pober, the Pobemeister…”

“They’ll let anyone in here.”

“Typical line for Tri-motor rides.”

“DC-3 ‘Firebird’?”

Peddle faster!

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