Oshkosh 2000 Image Gallery:
Day Two – Wednesday, July 26

Photos from the second day of AirVenture 2000.


Click each individual picture for a larger image.
“Where’s the lawn jockeys?”“A humpback whale with wings?”“George Wilen.”
“Ho Ho Ho…Green Giant.”“Nice tan.”“Red Rider!”
“Haventhreeengines.”“It’s not polite to point!”“I hate rush hour.”
“Honey, you make the jet noise.”“A row of ‘T’ birds.”“Throw THIS Harpoon.”

“Rolling Thunder(bolt).”

“Tarheel Hal.”

“They fold for easy storage.”

“Heads? Or…”


“It’s..um…it’s an engine.”

“You’re dethpicable”

“The things they make you do for an EAA membership.”

“OSH ‘hi-tech’.”

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