With the 2022 Sun ‘n Fun Aerospace Expo in Lakeland, Florida, coming to a close, Mariano Rosales takes one last look around the show.

Mariano Rosales
Mariano Rosales has worked as a freelance aviation and editorial photographer for over 20 years. He is a commercial airplane and glider pilot who flies his Cessna 170B for fun. By day, he can be heard at Chicago Center as an air traffic controller.


  1. Great video! But if I were involved in GA as a manufacturer or salesperson I would be terrified about what’s going to happen when all those old men die (I[‘m in that category, so I can say it). I think I saw two strollers and about four women in the video, and the only young adults seemed to be working booths or in the Army.

    I sure hope someone has an idea on how to address this, or unleaded fuel will NOT be our biggest challenge.

    • Don,
      If there was a willingness to grow GA it wouldn’t be too tough. Let certification for light pistons die on the vine. Take the existing LSA system, and add to it to accommodate up to six seats not being used for paying passengers and freight, but still usable for owner pilots doing business flights and flight training. Then go back and rewrite certification rules.

      Or something like that.

      Unfortunately, no one in government wants this.