Sun ‘n Fun 2023: Nisus Shows Its New High-Performance Gyrocopter


Gyrocopters are huge in Europe, a lot less so in the U.S. A Slovakian company is trying to make a footprint here with its new Nisus gyrocopter. The aircraft made its debut at Sun ‘n Fun 2023 and AVweb took a look in this short show video.


  1. Not even a mention of performance specs, or any shots of it actually flying. A few months ago I flew an AutoGyro Cavalon at the dealer in Petaluma, California, and it was also what I would call an “advanced” gyroplane. What a fun flight!

  2. I found the mfr website; plenty of in-flight video; They’re quoting a cruise of 70-86 kts with the 141 hp Rotax 915 IS.

  3. With the slide forward canopy, is there an emergency release if you get it stuck in the mud on an off airport landing?