Sun ‘N Fun’s Winter RV Fly-In – An Exclusive Image Gallery

Photos from this year's Sun 'N Fun Expo. A supplement to Jamie Beckett's full coverage of the event.


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C-195 Exterior Elegant, the Cessna 195 is just flat out elegant.

Cessna 195 Cockpit
The Panel isn’t exactly original, but it is straightforward and well equipped.

Looker From Georgia to Florida and back again, this patriotic RV waves the flag where ever it goes.

BAE Exterior While not available for Young Eagle flights, a corporate jet is still an inspiration to young potential aviators.

BAE Cockpit Now where is that dome light switch?

Low-tech transportation Jerry Cornwell, of McAlpin, Florida, is well- equipped for getting around the fly-in grounds without wearing out the shoe leather.

Rotary Engine RV Allan Watkins (L) and Mike Janinne (R) inspect a Mazda rotary engine installation.

Rotary Engine RV3 With the cowl on, the rotary-powered RVs are indistinguishable from the more traditionally-powered models.

RV Row Every RV on the line was worthy of inspection and admiration by visitors to the type-specific fly in.

RV Row Thousands of RVs have been built and flown, but no two are exactly the same.

RV Tandem The tandem RVs can easily be described as sleek, as this example shows.

Ex-astronaut Harbaugh talks shop with classic biplane owner, Bob Lock.

New Standard With space for four up front, the New Standard was the wide-body airliner of its day.

New Standard Cockpit The panel is a long way from being EFIS, but it does the job.

Harbaugh Talk Sun ‘n Fun vice president Greg Harbaugh opens the fly in with a few comments and a warm welcome for visitors.