The Weekender: Warming Up With Chili, Cake And Coffee


It feels like spring is a long way out for some, but The Weekender found some turf runways to head for on the SocialFlight calendar – snow is optional. Triple Tree Aviators will host the group’s third annual Chilly Chili Fly-In and Lunch on Saturday to raise funds for their aerodrome in South Carolina.Arrive for lunch on the 7,000-foot grass strip. Advance tickets are required online, so book by Friday to get a spot. Also Saturday, Bensons Airport in Minnesota is hosting a free coffee and cake skiplane fly-in. The event will be held regardless of conditions. In case of snow, the turf runway is unplowed but groomed.

EAA Chapter 992 invites all to fly in on wheels or skis to Marshfield, Wisconsin, Saturday for homemade chili. The preferred ski landing area is the center of the field, east of Runway 34, between Runway 23 and the north taxiway from Runway 34. Areas north of the Runway 34 taxiway is a rough cornfield, where landing is not recommended. For those opting out of February flying, Bergstrom Aircraft in Pasco, Washington, will host a seminar on Sunday with a veteran A&P/IA who will discuss common problems often overlooked by aircraft owners and renters during the preflight.Topics include carbon monoxide, fuel sampling, windshields, water leaks and respecting the prop. For more on this weekend’s events, visit SocialFlight.