uAvionix Rolls Out Low-Cost ADS-B Out


Buyers who’ve been holding out for cheaper ADS-B Out hardware may want to check out what uAvionix introduced at AirVenture this week. It’s a lightweight ADS-B Out that simply replaces a navigation light with a LED lamp and a miniaturized transceiver incorporated with an onboard blade antenna. See an AirVenture video report on the product here.

According to Ryan Braun of uAvionix, the company wanted to produce not just the cheapest ADS-B Out, but the easiest to install. All that’s required is to unscrew the existing nav light, connect the power and ground wires and screw the new unit in place. uAvionix will provide a smartphone app that will automatically configure the so-called SkyBeacon with the aircraft’s required discrete ADS-B information.

How much? uAvionix doesn’t have a firm price yet, but Braun said it will likely be in the range of the company’s other hardware or about $1400 to $1500. If uAvionix obtains the necessary approvals, installation should require mere minutes, thus circumventing logjams in avionics shops if owners wait until the last minute to join the ADS-B bandwagon.