A China Airlines Cargo Boeing 747-400F was heavily damaged after it plowed through a row of pallets and containers on a snowy ramp at O’Hare Airport early Saturday. According to One Mile At A Time, the 18-year-old freighter arrived from Anchorage just before 6 a.m. and was taxiing to its offloading stand when the mishap occurred.

Video shows the plane moving at a pretty good clip before its left engines contact about a half-dozen stationary cargo platforms. The engine cowls were dinged up by the multiple collisions and some flashes out the back of the engines suggest some debris went through. 


    • I didn’t see a ground person directing the plane to parking spot either. I have flown with my share of pilots who don’t realize just how much residual thrust an idling jet engine or turboprop has when taxiing on snow or ice covered ramp.