Amphibs Get Their Own Industry Event


An inaugural conference focused on the revival of amphibious aircraft operations and their role in the aviation sector will debut March 20 in the canal city of Venice, Italy. 

Quaynote Communications and Arena Group Associates will host the one-day symposium“The Future Opportunities for Seaplanes and Amphibious Aviation (FOSAA),” bringing together industry experts, speakers, and panelists that will delve into key challenges, developments, and possibilities shaping the market.” Topics of discussion include infrastructure needs, sector economics, sustainability and customer experience. 

“Seaplanes and flying boats make an understated mark on the global aerospace landscape, yet way before the eVTOL sector began discussing the last mile, these airframes have been flying the last leg in many a voyage whether for tourism, charter, cargo, medevac or many other civil applications,” said Quaynote Director Lorna Titley. “We want the conference to provide an environment where existing and future stakeholders can share knowledge, challenges and successes and build frameworks that optimize the potential for the industry’s future.”

One of the lead sponsors of the event, VP of Marketing for Satcom Direct, Stacey Giglio, said “Keeping customers connected is what we’re all about. This event addresses the connectivity issues that face those living around water by exploring how amphibious aviation can add another vital link to the global air transport network.”

Amelia Walsh
Amelia Walsh is a private pilot who enjoys flying her family’s Columbia 350. She is based in Colorado and loves all things outdoors including skiing, hiking, and camping.


    • From the notation “AG600” on its right nose, I suspect that this is an AVIC AG600. The aircraft in this article’s resembles photos of the AG600.

      “The AVIC AG600 Kunlong (Chinese: 鲲龙 …) is a large amphibious aircraft designed by AVIC and assembled by CAIGA. Powered by four WJ-6 turboprops, it is one of the largest flying boats with a 53.5 t (118,000 lb) MTOW. After five years of development, assembly started in August 2014…; it should be certified in 2024, with deliveries starting in 2025.” Source: Wikipedia article “AVIC AG600”.

  1. I’ve always thought that the entire flying boat, or waterborne aircraft industry, got thrown out with proverbial bathwater when jets came along, and more airfields opened. Sort of like what happened to railroads for freight and passenger service in the US. It would be a strong adjunct to modern transportation to have the water as an asset to provide those same services to the country that could use anyway possible to get vehicles off the road.