AOPA Expo 2001 Image Gallery

A gallery of images from the AOPA Expo '01.


If you couldn’t attend AOPA Expo 2001, AVweb’s Exclusive Image Gallery is the next-best thing to being there. Sit back and enjoy the sights.

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AOPA’s Sweepstakes Bonanza leads the pack in the Parade of Planes from FLL to the convention center.

Satellink Technologies’ Cessna 310 is close behind.

Followed by a Luscombe 11E.

This Stemme motorglider looked almost prehistoric on Ft. Lauderdale’s streets…

…while this Super Cub on amphib floats followed.

Something old…

…something cool…

…something fast…

…and something blue.

Micco’s SP26 between S-turns.

A guide plugs his ears against the whine of a Garrett-powered Turbo Commander.

This Cessna Grand Caravan barely squeezed between street signs.

Where’s that red triplane?

Diamond’s C-1 Katana.

Pilatus’ PC-12.

GAMI’s turbonormalized IO-550 on display.

"…wonder if they’d take a check?"

"You can get anything you want…"

"But how does it work?"

TCM’s IO-470 on display.

"Yes, red means ‘bad.’"

"It does all that?"

Your home away from home.

"Are you as tired as I am?"

"NOW, what’s it doing?"

"Now, you say if I push this, it’ll make the NSC disappear?"

"Great, I’ll take it."

Velocity experimental’s front office.

The beginning…

…and the end.

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