FLYING Acquires Bonnier Marine Titles


FLYING Media Group begins to expand today in the recreational marine industry with the acquisition of Bonnier’s marine media titles, including Boating, Yachting, Sailing World, Cruising World, SaltWater Sportsman, Wakeboarding, Sport Fishing, Sport Fishing Television, and the Helly Hansen Sailing World Regatta Series.

In July 2021, FLYING was acquired by Craig Fuller, the Founder and CEO of FreightWaves, from Bonnier to form FLYING Media Group (FMG). Over the next two years, FMG acquired 25 other aviation brands, creating the most comprehensive aviation media brand in the world, serving audiences across all aspects of aerospace.

Up until now, FMG focused solely on aviation, but today marks an expansion of FMG’s breadth with the acquisition of Bonnier’s recreational marine media portfolio. “Bonnier’s marine portfolio has some of the most iconic names in recreational boating, sailing, yachting, and fishing, offering audience experiences and content that are unmatched in the recreational marine community,” said Craig Fuller, CEO of FLYING Media Group.

The newly acquired marine brands offer massive potential for FMG as the company makes investments in content and audience:

Boating is the largest media brand in the recreational boating industry. Boating has been described as “America’s Favorite Recreational Activity” with 12 percent of U.S. households owning a boat, according to the U.S. Coast Guard. There are more than 25 million recreational boats in the nation, with more than 1 million boats purchased annually.

Yachting is the premier media brand serving the luxury marine market. More than 59,000 yachts are purchased annually; more than 900 are described as ‘super yachts.’

Cruising World is the market leader for the cruising sailor, focusing exclusively on the sailing lifestyle and topics that interest cruising sailors. There are 3.5 million annual sailing participants in the U.S.

Sailing World is the number one media resource for the racing sailor. With the proliferation of competitive sailing events, Sailing World provides unparalleled coverage.

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  1. When I was in college my best friend’s dad had a 21′ SeaRay on the Barnegat Bay in NJ. He let us use it and we treated in lovingly and respectfully and I wanted to get a boat when I was an adult.

    I picked up a boating classified similar to TAP and concluded boats were fantastically expensive and would consume much of my doctor’s salary.

    Fast forward 40 years I’m a commercial pilot and plane owner. I recently saw a copy of the boating classified publication and could not believe how CHEAP boats are!

    Compared to airplanes that is…


    • Used boats are like used piston twins – cheap to buy, expensive to own.

      When my father passed away I had opportunity to inherit his 32-foot sailboat, one he bought new shortly before I was born. I literally grew up sailing on Long Island Sound. I was well aware of what it took to own and maintain a sailboat. Being a fiberglass boat with not a speck of wood anywhere, maintenance was simple. And a small outboard was all that was needed to get us beyond the breakwater to raise the sails. In short, it would cost nothing to acquire and the operating expenses were mostly two gallons of gas and some sodas and sandwiches per outing.

      Yet I knew that it was the storage fees that would do me in. So when I ran the numbers on slip space, winter storage, hauling it in and out of the water, rigging the mast, etc., it quickly confirmed what I already suspected – simply owning the boat was more than I could afford. I already had a Cardinal RG, I could not afford a second mistress.

    • Just sold my 21′ foot Searay inboard with a Mercury engine, on the Barnegat Bay NJ area myself, after years of 4 other boats up North in the Hudson River. 🙏 .. kept the plane though 😉

      • I remember we used to water ski around the Statue Of Liberty. I doubt a person can do that anymore.

        We would also circumnavigate Manhattan on the skis. Good times.

  2. I know a lot of people don’t think this is aviation related and on paper it is not. That said, as someone who grew up in a multi-generational boating family (with a splattering of pilot relatives), I can state without doubt that my childhood experience learning the boating world helped my quick adaptation through primary flight school. Things learned like how winds affect drift when approaching a dock, how trim affects the boat both in pitch and steering (P-factor torque steering with negative/down motor trim), and of course compass navigation and chart reading (learning about magnetic vs. true north and course plotting variation correction, etc.).

    That said, as a 3-time boat owner as an adult, I can without doubt state that it is really best to leave the boat ownership to your best friends and relatives!

  3. Flying mag needs to focus on PRINTING and sending out the magazines instead of going on a spending spree to avoid paying taxes on other busienses. I signed up for 24 months of flying. It’s almost November , the last issue received was Aug. I called them and some girl out of India said, “ we are having printing issues”. So instead of fixing printing issues, they are buying more magazines???????