Last year at Sun ’n Fun Aerospace Expo (SNF), Junkers Aircraft unveiled its A50 Junior, a revitalized take on the classic 1929 design by Hermann Pohlmann. The refresh featured the classic configuration with a Rotax engine. 

Based on consumer feedback and requests, the company unveiled Wednesday its A50 Heritage model. According to Junkers, the aircraft “meticulously captured the essence of Hugo Junkers’ imaginative and original design” with its Scarlett 7U radial engine and two-piece glass windscreen. 


      • Excellent Airplane reference. Just re-watched that movie and its so stupid its fantastic. Not a chance in a million it could have been released in the current political climate though…

  1. Pretty cool machine. I think the SR 71 had corrugated wings as well. Who knows, it might be a fast (not) bird as well. Definitely too fast for my meagre wallet, but one can dream. Thanks Amy–by the way, you’re not the sister of Joan Wilder the famous novelist are you (Romancing the Stone)?

    • Interesting, I hadn’t heard of the corrugated wings on the SR-71. Reading the Wiki article – and looking at the pictures – it appears to be for different reasons. The SR-71 has dis-jointed flutes pressed into the surface which allow for controlled expansion, whereas the Junkers (like the Tri-Motor) has full length, reinforcement corrugations.

      Always glad to read something new on the Blackbird – thanks!