New Dog-Centric Airline Takes Off In May


Travelers eager to fly alongside their furry companions now have the opportunity to do so with Bark Air—a new dog-centric airline launching in May.

Bark, the company behind the popular treat subscription BarkBox, has partnered with a jet charter service to create an air travel experience tailored specifically for dogs, prioritizing their comfort and well-being.

According to Bark’s press release, the company embraces a “Dogs Fly First” philosophy with luxury accommodations and flight prep including “calming pheromones, music, and colors that pups prefer.” The carrier also offers calming treats, noise-canceling earmuffs and calming jackets during the flight. For meals, dogs will be served “Doggie Champagne” (chicken broth), dog doughnuts and meat snacks.

Such luxury travel will come at a heavy cost for owners as tickets cross-country run a whopping $6,000, while transatlantic flights are priced at $8,000. Bark Air currently offers flights between New York and Los Angeles as well as New York and London, with plans to add more routes in the future.

The first flights with Bark Air take off from New York on May 23.

Amelia Walsh
Amelia Walsh is a private pilot who enjoys flying her family’s Columbia 350. She is based in Colorado and loves all things outdoors including skiing, hiking, and camping.


  1. oh wait, I think dogs can be PIC. Just check out the advertising picture on page 2 of Sport Aviation, Vol 73, No. 4 / April 2024, courtesy of JPI Instruments. The dog’s name is “Lulu”.

  2. When the Barkleys, of Subaru fame, don’t want to drive, they can fly this airline since they have that sweet TV commercial money.

  3. The airlines have quietly failed to return to the pre Covid era on dog transport. If your dog doesn’t fit under the seat when standing, you cannot take your dog.

    There’s likely enough pent up demand to keep this going until the airlines respond.

  4. Crazy lazy fat world! Do you know that everyday at least thousand of humans die for nothing in Ukraine? This is because you are so selfish being busy with such problems like dogs traveling…

    • Easy now! many folks understand the horrid events suffered by Ukrainians and wish to see a quick and just resolution to this. Quick it won’t be but hopefully a just outcome. Meanwhile the humanity displayed by pet fanciers towards their pets, family and others doesn’t need to be equated with inhuman activity and indifference. I think many pet owners are quite sympathetic to societal conditions and wish peace and comfort to all of us. If they happen to have deep wallets then who knows how these spinoffs can help others.