PIA Flight Attendants Fleeing To Canada


It seems like every airline is having retention problems these days, but Pakistan International Airlines is shedding flight attendants in Toronto. In the past few months at least four flight attendants have failed to show up for the return leg to Islamabad or Lahore after landing in Toronto. Two jumped ship in November prompting the airline to implement stricter regulations for crews travelling to Canada and Europe, according to Pakistan Today. Assuming they’re still in Canada, the flight attendants are in the country legally, at least for now, under Canadian immigration rules and may be seeking citizenship, according to the publication.

The state-owned airline has been losing billions of dollars annually and the country, at the request of the International Monetary Fund, has been trying to sell it. So far, there have been no takers and flight attendants have been complaining about low pay and working conditions, and the proposed privatization plan has irritated airline workers because it would make them contractors instead of employees with job protection.

Russ Niles
Russ Niles is Editor-in-Chief of AVweb. He has been a pilot for 30 years and joined AVweb 22 years ago. He and his wife Marni live in southern British Columbia where they also operate a small winery.


    • Well, since we Canadians all know each other, I suspect I’ll run into all of them, if not at Timmy’s then at Canadian Tire.

  1. I don’t blame them for jumping ship. Remember the Pakistan 8303 crash in May 2020 where the pilot landed an Airbus 320 with the gear up by mistake. And after sliding down the runway he realized the gear wasn’t down so he executed a go around. Then at about 1500 feet both engines failed (due to extensive damage on the runway) so he crashed the plane into the town.
    Then the government investigated the accident and grounded a bunch of their pilots for having fraudulent licenses. Turns out they paid someone else to take the written exams for them.
    Possibly the most outrageous accident in history on a perfectly clear day with a perfectly good plane (no malfunctions).
    Maybe they don’t feel safe with the pilots that flew them into Canada. If in Pakistan I think I would prefer a camel over a plane. How many problems could this airline possibly have ? Yikes.

    • I had to look it up. Camels are used in Pakistan:

      “The Bagri is a breed of camel originating in the arid regions of south-eastern Punjab, Pakistan. The strain found in Multan is known as the Multan camel, while the strain of Dera Ghazi Khan goes by the name of Rojhan camel.”

  2. In America sadly, there are millions of people whose first reaction to this story is, “Build a Wall!” …

    • LOL – thanks for the laugh at your inane comment. I suppose you don’t have a door on your house either – right? If you do, please remove it immediately and post signs welcoming all who want to enter – so we won’t continue to assume you are a hypocrite.

    • Search the web for today’s testimony before Congress by the FBI Director using “FBI Terror Level” and report back.  

    • You are just all butt hurt that they are jumping ship in Toronto to try and make a run at illegally entering the US.

  3. Smart move jumping ship to Canada from Pakistan. I get it.

    On the other hand Canada gets a few new potential citizens that are probably healthy, intelligent, good work ethic, trained with a skill.

    And Aviatrexx, no call for such a reactionary statement. Your Trump-o-phobia has no place in this conversation.

    • William, with your exhortation to Aviatrexx, methinks that you, as you frequently do, doth protest too much. Are you feeling guilty about something? Your imagination running too wild?