PPR Returns To Vegas For Super Bowl, Costs From $0 to $14,729


Las Vegas area airports will again be charging special event fees and implementing a Prior Permission Required (PPR) program for the Super Bowl LVIII on Feb. 11. 

Clark County airports, including Harry Reid International Airport (KLAS), Henderson Executive Airport (KHND) and North Las Vegas Airport (KVGT), are all enforcing the PPR program, which will be in effect Feb. 7-Feb. 13. While the county operates the FBOs at KHND and KVGT, Signature and Atlantic handle FBO operations KLAS. 

Similar to the Formula 1 Grand Prix in November, airports are expecting an influx of arrivals. The city says it will apply a tiered event fee at Henderson and North Las Vegas airports. For Group 1 aircraft with a wingspan less than 49 feet and tail height under 20 feet, the charge is $750. Group 2—those with a wingspan between 49 and 79 feet and tail height of 20 to 30 feet—will be charged $2,000. Lastly, Group 3 aircraft—those with a wingspan of more than 79 feet and tail height of 30 to 45 feet—will incur a fee of $3,000. 

Meanwhile, FBOs at KLAS will set their own prices. Signature fees start at $2,575 and top out at a whopping $14,729 depending on the size of the aircraft. However, Signature did note that fees would not apply to single-engine aircraft. AVweb contacted Atlantic, which said they were sold out of reservations but quoted a Cessna 172 Skyhawk with a $2,175 non-refundable fee when asked a price range for the event.

Amelia Walsh
Amelia Walsh is a private pilot who enjoys flying her family’s Columbia 350. She is based in Colorado and loves all things outdoors including skiing, hiking, and camping.


  1. Arguably, the most mis-managed airport in the US (during events and increased traffic) is about to show us again, that they don’t understand ground stops and EDCT use to manage travel, even at a price.

  2. Signature will not charge additional fees for single-engine aircraft? That’s a surprise. Maybe parking is out over the hill in the back 40.

  3. Nothing but blackmail. There are many places close to do biz with that won’t stick it too ya for flying. LAS and area can stuff it.

  4. Seriously, EVERYTHING in Vegas now has uplifts and hidden fees on top of being over priced.

    Last time in Vegas… Paid a reasonable fee for a room at Luxor, then hit with a mandatory “resort” fee for services I’d never use.

    Vegas fun in the 80’s and even better when the Mob ran it. Today’s corporate Vegas is a rip-off in every dimension.