Zenith Aircraft Open House Is On


After last weekend’s successful Midwest LSA Expo, aviation events appear to be returning slowly. This weekend—actually Friday Sept. 18 and Saturday the 19th—it’ll be Zenith Aircraft’s annual homecoming at the Mexico, Missouri, airport. A fixture event for the kit manufacturer, the 2020 Homecoming will include the usual selection of seminars and workshops, including a new one the company is calling “How NOT to Screw Up (Building Your Airplane).”

Company leader Sebastien Heintz says that most of the normal features of the event will take place with appropriate social distancing measures, though he expects there to be fewer commercial vendors because of travel restrictions and other factors. Those who attend will find the homecoming to provide a chance to talk to current builders and pilots of Zenith aircraft, a good way to help determine if building is for you. Our own Kate O’Connor “attended” Zenith’s virtual workshop earlier this summer and filed this report.

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