FAA Designates Internet As Official Source


Well, no one ever accused the FAA of rushing into things.The FAA has accepted the Internet as a valid source of information for pilotsto obtain weather and NOTAMs, but only from qualified Web sites. Vendors may becomea Qualified Internet Communication Provider (QICP) by following the stepsoutlined in the FAAs Internet Communication AdvisoryCircular. The new FAANational Airspace System (NAS) Aeronautical Information Management EnterpriseSystem (NAIMES) Web site is available to the entire aviation community and canbe used as a starting point to obtain information from qualified vendors. Theagency will provide a public listing of all QICPs on a designated Web page.Users must register for a user ID and password. Information available on thissite includes U.S., Department of Defense and international NOTAMs and theability to conduct a NOTAM search on a radius or flight path; ATCSCC weatherlinks to the Collaborative Convective Forecast Product (CCFP), PIREPS, METARs,TAFs and NOAA Composite Radar Summary; and other aeronautical information,including Atlantic/Pacific Tracks, RVSM information, and ATC System CommandCenter real-time NAS information. This Web site can be used by individuals,airlines or groups. Registration will not be required after January 2003.

NOTE: You can read the FAA’s Internet Communication Advisory Circular inAdobe’s Portable Document Format, free readers for which are available atAdobe’s Web site.