Mid-Atlantic Air Museum’s WWII Weekend

This past weekend saw the tenth annual WWII Weekend encampment and fly-in at the "Reading Army Airfield," or as most civilians call it today, Reading's Carl A. Spaatz airport. Organized by the Mid Atlantic Air Museum, this edition of the popular gathering of WWII aficionados was the largest ever, with over 70 military aircraft on the ramps and in the sky, 600 re-enactors scattered throughout various "encampments" and 120 military vehicles - from Jeeps to tanks - on display for close-up inspection.


Though Friday was hot and humid, thunderstorms rumbled through the area on Friday evening to clear out the sky for the rest of the weekend events. If taking a ride in a B-17, watching a P-51 strafe the field, or buying WWII collectibles in the flee market wasn’t enough to satisfy your WWII appetite, then attendees could also listen to the riveting stories of pilots who flew these famous warbirds in combat. Among those heroes giving daily briefings to the public were Col. Charles McGee, a Tuskegee airman who flew in three wars, and Col. Robert Morgan, pilot of the B-17 "Memphis Belle." GA pilots who want to experience the sights and sounds of this growing event next year can check out the WWII Weekend web site for information on flying your own plane to Reading.

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Click on any image to load alarger version.