Pelican’s Perch: A Little Break, If You Please

AVweb's resident Pelican takes a much-deserved break from his monthly columns.


A few of my very nice readers have commented that I’ve missed a column or two recently. Thanks for noticing!With all the wonderful things going on in my life, I’ve had a lot of trouble of making my AVweb deadlines. Most of my columns take a fair amount of time to write, and the load has just been too much. Something had to change to give me a little breathing room. 18 hours a day at the keyboard was just a bit too much, and I still haven’t had time to file my taxes! (Yes, I have an extension)Kevin Lane-Cummings, my long-suffering editor, probably needs the break, too! A few of my columns have gone right down to the deadline, giving him only a day or two to edit and get it all spiffed up for “publication.” I need to do better.With the very kind cooperation and agreement of the AVweb management, I’m going to take a little break on Pelican’s Perch. When I do come back, my column may return to a regular monthly one, or we may do it on a more irregular basis, just when I think I have something to say. Oddly enough, even after 79 columns, I’ve never yet had to scratch for something to write about; I just haven’t always had the time to do justice to it under deadline pressure.No, there is absolutely nothing “wrong.” I’m in perfect health, no family problems, the G-IV job is great, I’m flying all my beloved warbirds, the seminars are going gangbusters, the book is selling well even without serious advertising (one of many things I need to get going on), I’m learning how to set up and run a website, I’m a principal in two companies (a freaking executive, fer cryin’ out loud!), our new house is nearing completion, I’m setting up our first seminar “roadshow,” and I need to change the oil in my Bonanza. May have to pay someone else to do that, for the first time ever.If you happen to have my old email address at AVweb or the one at Compuserve, please delete and use this one: jdeakin@advancedpilot.comAs Der Goobernator might say, “I’ll be baaaack!”Be careful, up there.

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