AVmail: December 21, 2002


Steve McDonald: Pilots Say The FAA Is Getting Better

Does anyone really expect anything to improve at FAA? Has anything improved over the past 4-1/2 decades within this increasingly bloated tax-gobbling group? Nay, only the bureaucracy has increased with each new Administrator. New Administrator Blakey is just another example of increase-the-bureaucracy only for the sake of preserving the bureaucracy. She appointed nobody from the real world to a position of authority (real world: previous non-government bureaucrat).

Thank goodness for AOPA and Phil Boyer. His single mindedness and competent staff have thwarted many FAA boondoggles over the past decades. But even the Lone Ranger could not overcome all the incompetent, stupid, and idiotic psychobabble emanating from FAA, and now the TSA. Will we ever be rid of this creeping socialism (in the name of security of course)?

Where does all this government incompetence and interference end? It ends with all of us giving up flying for fun. It ends when the little businessman cannot carry out his aviation business without kneeling and kissing the Administrator’s ring (banner towing is a current example). It ends when all airports become armed camps with security personnel in charge. And as small aviation disappears, do you think that facet of the FAA will disappear or be reduced in size? Not in my lifetime; they’ll simply double their focus (and personnel) on biz aviation and the airlines. Folks, that is where we are headed with the myriad of nonsensical “regulations” being fomented, even as you read my note.

Am I disgusted? Read my lips.