AVmail: December 30, 2002


A Higher Calling Thank you for mentioning the great organizations that have pilots donating their time to kids and others that have medical conditions. My daughter was 6 years old when she was diagnosed with cancer. She always loved to go flying with me, but it was more special now. It would take her away from the doctors, nurses, treatments, etc. She really enjoyed getting in the air. When she was able, during her treatments, I would rent a Skyhawk at the local airport. She fought the cancer for 10 months. This March it will be three years that she left us. She can now fly with the angels!Please take a kid with cancer flying … the smile on their face is priceless!Blue skies!

Trevor Janz
Advertising Director
Cessna Owner Magazine
Cessna Owner Organization
Pipers Magazine
Piper Owner Society

A Higher CallingThanks so much, AVweb, for your news piece in the Dec. 26th issue on Angel Flight and other similar flying charities. I have flown 125 Angel Flight missions over the past 4 years; they represent by far the most fulfilling and enjoyable activities I use my Cherokee 180 for. But we need so many more new pilots because the mission need far exceeds the pilots available to fly them, so your publicity is greatly appreciated.

Tom Gatewood

Cockpit Weapons — Devilish Details Of DeploymentHope they bulletproof the whole damn bulkhead of those planes! What good will it do to make the door un-penetrable if the bulkhead looks like Swiss cheese?

Haley H. Haynes

Changes In The Air The Dec. 19 AVweb reported that a 2000′ tower is proposed for Bayonne, N.J. and that it would be the world’s largest free-standing structure. There are at least TWO 2000′ towers (used by TV stations) in Nebraska and I’m sure there must be hundreds across the country. What makes this one the world’s largest?These towers are a pain in the … in wide-open Nebraska. I can’t imagine the difficulty that this one would cause in NY / NJ!!!

Diane Hofer

AVweb responds …

Our source for that description of the tower came from a story on nj.com, which read: “If built, the antenna would become the world’s tallest free-standing structure – well above the current record-holder, the 1,815.5-foot CN Tower in Toronto.” The towers you refer to may indeed be taller, but chances are they are supported by cables, therefore, not “free-standing.” For more, feel free to look here and here.

Mary Grady
Senior News Editor