AVmail: January 6, 2003

Reader mail this week about the OZ Flight Display, a Lancair's emergency landing, amphetamines for Air Force Pilots and more.


OZ Flight Display

I had the pleasure of flying the OZ simulator during a NASA technology demonstration. The simulator was programmed for an approach scenario for that event. The symbology OZ uses is a little unconventional, but required little explanation. I found the system extremely easy to use, and I was able to maintain a pretty accurate approach. The direction and magnitude of drift from the “ideal” approach was easy to recognize, and it was easy to keep tabs on other parameters such as power settings. The terse verbal description on the developer’s web site simply does not do the system justice.Mark Wood

Lancair on the Interstate

AVweb wrote:

A Lancair 320 Monday used I-20 for an emergency landing in Calif …

It was I-15, not I-20.The most interesting thing about this story is that it was the pilot’s second emergency landing. His first was in England after losing one of his two engines over Berlin in WWII. That, according to dailybulletin.com.Michael Keating

AVweb responds …

You’re right, it was I-15. Thanks for writing!

Mary Grady
Senior News Editor

New AVweb Format

Just had a look at your new newsletter — you guys did a great job. And it’s free! (It is still free isn’t it?)Congratulations…James Jones

AVweb responds …

Thank you for your compliments! And yes, we are still free. It is your support of our sponsors that lets us continue to bring you everything you like about AVweb.

Kevin Lane-Cummings
Features Editor

Aphetamines for Air Force Pilots

Is this for real? I read on CNN that the Air Force is giving its pilotsamphetamines before flying? The US is letting guys loose in jets fittedwith missiles, guns and bombs, and is deliberately getting them out of their heads first?What is it with you guys? Do this in a car, and you’ll end up injail!!Does the FAA know about this, and do they care?Perhaps this should be an urgent subject for the question of the week.Here in South Africa, you’d lose your license forever for something like this.Tim J Carter