Short Final


AirVenture, some pilots just don’t get it.

On the return home Saturday I heard the following exchange as I headed southbound passing Madison, WI. Warrior 98765 was heading north and already receiving a Flight Following Service from Madison Approach.

Warrior 123: Madison, Warrior 123. Can you tell me if there is a NOTAM or anything for getting into Oshkosh?

Madison Approach: Say Again …

Warrior 765: Yeah. Can you tell me if there is any kind of special NOTAM for getting into Oshkosh today?

[Long Pause]

Madison Approach: You’re kidding, right?

Warrior 765: No, my [garbled] was out and I couldn’t get anything before I took off. Can you tell me what the arrival procedure is?

[Longer Pause]

Madison Approach: (speaking slowly) I suggest you land before you get there and get a copy. There’s one here at Wisconsin Aviation … or Middleton is in your 10 o’clock.

Warrior 765: Standby …