Short Final: Job Hunting


I work at a TRACON with a busy satellite airport nearby. Over the years it’s gotten rather tedious to get asked for higher so often. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to remain low after departing that airport due to the surrounding flow of traffic.

A specific King Air I got to recognize would check in: “Departure, King Air XXX, 3000 for 5000, looking for higher.”

One day she checked in again “looking for higher” so I tried a different tactic other than trying to explain why I obviously can’t climb her (again). My reply was “King Air XXX Denver departure, radar contact. If you’re looking for HIRE, check out USAJOBS.GOV as I believe we are in need of more air traffic controllers. We’ll hire you! Turn left heading 080!”

She never asked for higher again.

Aaron Grijalva
Castle Pines, Colorado

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