Short Final: Listen Carefully


A few years ago during my private‐pilot solo long cross‐country I was heading to a southern Wisconsin airport with a tower known to be easily annoyed. So I was an over‐prepared nervous student pilot who had ATIS as soon as I could get it and listened to it more times than I needed. Full of anxiety and right before I was going to call tower this exchanged happened.

Pilot: “Tower N1234 we just finished eating at the restaurant but can’t seem to get a hold of ground.”
Tower: “Do you have information Romeo?”
Pilot: “Yeah I have Romeo.”

Tower: “Then you would know ground is closed and to contact tower, but anyway how can I help you, sir?”

I thought, wonderful now they’re annoyed and it is my turn next.

On the plus side, on that trip I did learn to listen and understand ATIS thoroughly.