Short Final: Nav Problems


On a recent trip from Illinois to Arkansas, we overheard the following exchange:

Razorback Approach: “Cessna Two Three Tango, Razorback Approach. Have you changed your destination from Houston, Texas?”

Cessna 23T: “Razorback Approach, Cessna Two Three Tango. That’s a negative. Destination is still Houston.”

Approach (chuckling): “Well Cessna Two Three Tango, on your current heading you are not going to even hit the state of Texas.”

Cessna 23T: “Approach, Cessna Two Three Tango … we are experiencing … nav problems.”

Approach: “Cessna Two Three Tango, we assumed that, too … turn right heading 179 direct Houston.”

Stephen Kunce

Murphysboro, Illinois

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  1. One day decades ago the crew of an Electra was asked by ATC if they wanted to change their destination to Yellowknife as that was where they were headed, instead of a place in NE Alberta.

    Crew were playing with a navigation device installed for evaluation only. Failed that.