Solar Impulse To New York Saturday


Solar Impulse may be racing weather as it takes off on the final leg of its so-far successful flight across the U.S. The solar-powered aircraft, which has flown from San Francisco to Washington, D.C., over the last few months, is scheduled to leave Dulles Airport for JFK in New York early Saturday. Pilot Andre Borschberg is planning on wheels up at 5 a.m. on a flight that will be live streamed and include a Google Hangout with Erik Lindbergh and film producer James Cameron. ETA has been set at 2 p.m. but the weather forecast suggests the earlier the better.

According to the New York weather forecast, the skies will be mostly clear and the winds relatively light for the morning but things could fall apart later with a chance of thunderstorms predicted for the afternoon. The humidity is also predicted to be high, making the 90-degree temperatures feel more like 110 for those hoping to watch the aircraft land. Assuming Solar Impulse makes it to JFK, there will be public access to the plane and the team on July 13 and 14 but pre-registration is required.