Bombardier/Rotax/Evinrude/Ski-Doo/…: V-6 Makes Appearance


Now part of the BRP group (which we think stands for Bombardier Recreational Products). Bombardier’s liquid-cooled, V300 engine debuted last year with fanfare at OSH … then mysteriously missed Sun ‘n Fun a few months back, and re-appeared at OSH this year on the nose of the massive Murphy Moose utility kitbuilt. (The company offered no news conferences, no press releases, no beautiful people in tight V300 T-shirts, no balloons … you get the drift.) The company says it is working on certification for production aircraft. The double-overhead-cam, turbocharged engine is rated for 300 horsepower at 6000 engine rpm. A 3:1 gear reduction drive helps keep prop noise down. The engine is fully FADEC controlled.