…New Products And New Airplanes…


Oshkosh is where the industry players old and new show off their latest products. This year, we’ll check out Innodyn’s “twinpack” turbine, wireless headsets and the latest avionics upgrades, including a new handheld from Garmin that may cause minimalists to consider tossing entire panels. We’ll track down the mysterious (Bombardier) V300T engine, now being exhibited by Aircraft Engine Services, who have assured us they will answer all our questions about the status of the V220 and V300T piston engines at their booth. Aviation’s newest birds, the Light Sport Aircraft, will congregate in their own special LSA Mall across from the Vintage Barn. About three dozen LSAs will be on display and will participate in a daily fly-by. On Wednesday, the Lake amphibian line of aircraft goes on the auction block, live at Oshkosh.

Cessna’s Mustang jet took its first flight in April and the prototype will make a fly-by and then be on display at their tent. ATG will be showing its two-seat Javelin sport jet, which is supposed to be up and flying any day now. Czech planemakers Evektor will have the North American debut of their new VUT-100 Cobra multipurpose all-metal five-seat airplane, which first flew in November, and is aiming for FAA type certification in 2006. Designer Steve Culp is flying in from Louisiana with two 1916-era Sopwith Pup reproductions to show off at Aeroshell Square. Lancair and Lightspeed have promised new announcements. Lots of new designs still in the planning or mock-up stage are sure to be showcased on the field — we’ll track them down and bring you the latest.