The LED industry continues to make great technological strides. In this video from our sister publication, KITPLANES, shot at AirVenture 2021, Ryan Edmark from AeroLEDS demonstrates the new Equinox LED. It combine a landing light and a taxi light in a single unit.


  1. I just put 2 old seal beam, still very cheap landing lights in my Swift. LEDs were almost $300 each! The Navy fighters I retired on had no landing lights so for what I can afford these are fine.. I use them so others will see me.

  2. I agree with Ray, I’d rather just replace with a std bulb. Basically with ADS-B you really don’t need all the fancy anti-collision lights anymore to find traffic (day or night).

    • Yep, all you need to do is just keep your eyes focused on that ADSB device and you will never have a problem since every airplane flying in the world today has ADSB.

    • Say whaaaat Mr Foyt? You’ve just confirmed my worst fears. Dependence on electronically generated graphics to the exclusion of the human eyeball as the primary means of collision avoidance in the air is exactly what scares me the most about flying today.