In 2017, Stratos showed up at AirVenture with a slick single-engine experimental jet. (It’s the blue one in the video.) This year, they’re following up with the 716X, a larger, faster version that’s also initially a kit airplane. It will eventually be sold as certified, six-seat aircraft. Here’s an AVweb video summary of the project.


  1. Does this mean “builder assist” is the rich guy is somewhere in the building doling out money while the worker drones do the assembly?

    • Considering it’s performance (altitude, speed, pressurization, etc) probably not a bad idea! But if that’s the case, what would the FAA have to say…

  2. Now go read the LODA article .. where are these owner/pilots going to get experience flying a high performance single engine jet? Some might be ex fast jet or airline types but many won’t be..

    Great aircraft, wish them success.