File this under “Why didn’t I think of that?” Although it’s a little crude, it is the first attempt and now we can’t wait to see what the RC world comes up with to top it. The possibilities boggle the mind.


  1. Correction: This is HIS first attempt, Modelers have been flying RC airplanes on and off of floating platforms for quite some time. The first instance I’m aware of happened in the 60’s when some intrepid modelers in the Seattle area converted a boat to an aircraft carrier, with the usually humorous results. The event was covered in the model airplane magazines of the time.
    If you research a bit more I’m sure there are even earlier instances of this sort of thing but clearly he isn’t the first.

  2. Thank you for this delightful video. A boy after the hearts of the engineer/pilots out there.

    My only comment: After he takes a few classes in control-theory in his (presumably) undergraduate career, he should enlist The Mathworks (Matlab/Simulink) as his sponsors as well as Solidworks, and try to make a crude landing guidance system for the carrier. That would be a senior-project worthy.

  3. I had a smile on my face during the entire video, loved their creativity and determination. A couple of kids having a great time experimenting and likely learning a ton along the way. Good for them and whoever wrote the checks. I wouldn’t be surprised if their names come up again in 20 years for doing something amazing.