Second Look: Cub Shadows


A year ago, I shot and edited this video in moral support of my friend Christy Hansen, who was struggling to care for her husband David Scott Parker, a victim of ALS. Dave Parker died on March 6, 2021. He was 61. He was an engineer at NASA and participated in many of the agency’s major projects, including the Hubble Space Telescope. He was also an AVweb fan.

I am republishing the video in honor of Dave’s passing, Christy’s devoted care for him and in support of caregivers of all stripes whose tireless work defines the very word compassion. They are the inseparable shadows of the people whose well-being depends on their ministrations.  

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  1. I think MOST of us have had the experience of losing a close friend–someone that shared our interests, our thoughts, and our lives–EACH of us the “shadow” of the other.

    Eventually, we are separated–the other isn’t physically there, but is there in our thoughts–still there–still remembered.

    Even closer to aviation, Paul has produced a perfect allegory for that “missing man” (as depicted in military formations)–that “shadow” is sometimes right beside us–sometimes far away, but we are aware that it is there. A counterpart is “Glory”–in aviation, the shadow is produced on the top of a cloud deck–a “circular rainbow” around the shadow on top of the clouds.

    I’m old enough to recall that “Me and my Shadow” was one of the “old standards” of early TV–a number of TV personalities performed it–often tap dancing–and like a shadow, performed in unison. Here’s Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr.

    Hats off to Paul for a unique moving tribute to a friend!

  2. Poetry in film and in word Paul. You couldn’t have chosen a better metaphor for Christy’s relationship to David. It also fits well for a close caregiver friend of ours who just lost her husband after years of caregiving. Thank you for the inspiration.