There comes a day in every airplane build where there is nothing left to do but fill it with fuel, get in and take it aloft. In this video, KITPLANES editor Paul Dye takes us through a flight in the SubSonex jet. It’s a cockpit view of how a flight trial should be conducted.


  1. Great Video, Paul. Thank you for not having annoying background music. Your voice is just right and comforting as an instructor’s should be. I believe the word “Personal” is a wise choice as you put the a/c on as you do your flight suit, helmet gloves, etc. As a high time navy A-4 jock it would be beneficial for you to have speed brakes installed to allow slowing the a/c when desired and have them extended for landing to keep the power up and in a range for quick acceleration on a go around. I would like to see the engine panel as you go from idle to max power for T.O. and again as you are on final. I will keep following you to enjoy your progress.
    Bravo Zulu.