A new company called Texas Aircraft is beginning volume production on a light sport aircraft called the Colt. In this AVweb video, Paul Bertorelli flight trialed the aircraft at the company’s Hondo, Texas, headquarters.


  1. Paul…is your door latched at the top? Is that a gap at the top rear of the door?
    I have a similar little latch at top of my doors….. I would prefer something like that used on Cherokees. LSA’s seem to me to be a bit on the fragile side, due to weight saving…. resulting in feeling every bump, and more bent nose gear. I would prefer something larger, heavier and more solid from the used aircraft market, and spend the savings on overhaul and some updates.

    • No, the upper door latch came loose in flight. It needed to be adjusted to keep from vibrating open. The lower latch was engaged. Neither is a safety of flight issue, however.