Video of the Week: Cars vs. 747 Thrust


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Welcome to AVweb’s “Video of the Week”!

In our travels of the World Wide Web, we’ve saved and bookmarked quite a few video clips. Some gave us the chills, some flat-out amazed us, and some taught us a little something that we didn’t already know. In the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing some of these videos – one a week, until we run out of them – with you, our readership.

Both entertainment and education are on tap for this feature, but we think the thing that will make it work in the long run is the same thing that’s made our “Picture of the Week” and “Question of the Week” features so popular – your participation. If you run across a video that you think would be interesting to the rest of the AVweb audience – be it funny, inspirational, shocking, or something else entirely – send us a link! We’ll add your video to our ever-growing archive, and if it’s selected to be an AVweb “Video of the Week,” we’ll send you one of our official AVweb baseball caps as a humble “thank you.”

To kick things off, here’s a gravity-defying clip we found on YouTube recently. It never fails to bring a smile to our face and was originally posted on YouTube by chenjack0220:

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