It had to happen and it did. Pilotedge, well known for its simulation of the national airspace with live air traffic control, put together a successful simulation of the famed Fisk arrival into Wittman Field at Oshkosh. COVID-19 tanked the show for 2020, but that didn’t stop between 600 and 1000 virtual pilots from flying the arrival. This video with Keith Smith explains how it all worked.


  1. Very impressive, well done! I didn’t participate in this but I have bought some training materials in the past featuring Keith Smith – he is a superb trainer with a really encouraging voice.

  2. Wow. At this rate we will be able to pre-program our virtual flight to OSH next year so we can get on with other more important things in our life. All that real flying stuff is too beneath our technology level so now we no longer have to suffer the indignities of perspiration or exhaust smells.