FAA Seeks Input On New Test Standards


If you have any opinions about the FAA’s proposed revisions to the knowledge tests for private pilot and instrument rating, the FAA wants to hear them, but don’t delay — the comment period closes July 8. This is the second go-round after an initial comment period closed on May 24, just a few days after the FAA Safety Team sent out a notice about the planned revisions. The FAA says it got about 130 comments during that first period, and will be starting to review them now. To read the revised standards or to file comments, go to the federal docket and enter the code FAA-2013-0316. Documents with details about the proposed revisions can be found here. More information is posted in the Federal Register notice.

The revised tests will aim to align knowledge-test standards with the flight-proficiency standards set out in the existing practical test standards, and will incorporate risk management throughout, according to AOPA. “For too many, the knowledge test was often viewed only as a hurdle one needs to get over in order to get their certificate — something to get out of the way,” said David Oord, AOPA manager of regulatory affairs and co-chair of the industry/government working group that is developing the new standards.”By clearly laying out the knowledge a pilot needs to know with the skills they must have, and incorporating risk management throughout the standard, a pilot will have the foundation they need to fly safely.Everything from the beginning of training, through the written test, and ending with the practical test will be anchored to the standards.”