MH370 Satellite Analysis Paper Released


Satellite communications company Inmarsat has written a “clear language” analysis in the Royal Institute of Navigation’s peer-reviewed journal on the high-tech detective work that went into establishing the current search area for Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370. The Boeing 777 disappeared in early March on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing and as new information became available the search areas shifted from an area off the coast of Vietnam to the southern Indian Ocean. A major reason for that shift was data crunched by Inmarsat that tracked a breadcrumb trail of satellite signal returns and pointed to a long flight across one of the most remote stretches of ocean in the world.

The paper will be available for free download by the Institute on Oct. 8. It normally charges hefty fees for access to its material but decided to offer free access to this information. “We feel this paper and subject are too important and that it should be shared with the world,” the Institute said in a news release. The free download will be available at