Pipistrel’s Model-Specific Personalized Online Academy


Pipistrel has developed an online interactive training tool specific to Pipistrel owners or flight students flying Pipistrel aircraft as part of the “Pipistrel Academy Program” for Pipistrel certified flight schools, the company formally announced Wednesday. The training solutions, which were introduced during AERO 2013, seek to provide “a deep understanding of flight theory with a specific focus on flying Pipistrel aircraft models.” The full academy program provides both students and flight schools with training materials, syllabus, a business model and consultation and is for schools certified by Pipistrel. The company describes its model-specific training as “online mentorship” tailored through interactive programs to meet the needs of individual students. Currently, model-specific training is limited to just one model, but the company says more options will follow.

At the time of Pipistrel’s announcement, the website that supports the training syllabus only listed the company’s ALPHA Trainer (UL version) and noted that a course for the Virus SW would be available soon. The Academy Program includes an online syllabus that the company calls Computer Based Training (CBT), which it says is organized to reduce learning complexity. Training is tailored through the use of online questionnaires that aim to match the material to each student’s “learning rate.” Other listed offerings include the “full academy course,” for the Pipistrel Academy program, which will be available “only to students of a certified Pipistrel Academy flight training organization.” Because it is based online, the course material is available to student pilots via computer, tablet, or smart phone.