Three New Possible MH370 Items To Be Analyzed


Experts will examine three pieces of debris found over the last two weeks that might be from the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, Malaysia’s Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai said today. One fragment was found by a South African family visiting in Mozambique. They took the item back home with them, and South African authorities plan to take custody of it and hold it until Malaysian investigators come to get it. The other two items were found on Reunion Island and on a sandbank in the Mozambique Channel. A piece of a flaperon found on Reunion in July has been confirmed as a part of the missing Boeing 777.

The three items will be sent to France and Australia for analysis. “We are all waiting for the final verification result on the three pieces of debris … There is no verification if they are from MH370 or not,” Liow Tiong Lai said. The 777 disappeared in March 2014 while en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijingwith 239 people on board. All are presumed dead. In January,the Malaysian government pronounced the airplane’s loss an accident. Search teams are continuing to scour the Indian Ocean in search of the 777. Authorities have said that search will continue until June, but if no wreckage is found, the search will be concluded.