Vulcanair Four-Seater Now FAA-Certified


Vulcanair, based in Italy, brought their V1.0 four-seat trainer to EAA AirVenture this summer for its U.S. debut, and said it would be FAA certified by the end of the year — and this week, they made good on that forecast. The airplane, certified in the utility category, features an all-metal airframe, three doors and a 180-HP Lycoming IO-360 engine paired with a Hartzell constant-speed prop. The standard avionics package includes a Garmin G500, Mid-Continent’sdigital backup package, an angle of attack indicator and more. A full IFRcockpit is available as an option. It sells for about $260,000, while four-seat trainers from Cessna and Piper run in the $350,000 range. First deliveries are expected early next year.

Vulcanair CEO Remo DeFeo told AVweb at Oshkosh the company sees a market for the aircraft not only with flight schools, but also with private owners and flying clubs. The airplane cruises at about 135 knots, with a range of 550 NM. Vulcanair was founded in 1996, and purchased all the assets and type designs of Partenavia, including type certificates and tooling. The company now offers a line of seven GA aircraft, ranging from 4 to 11 seats. The V1.0 was previously certified in Europe.