ELT Manufacturer Offers Ameri-King Solution


In 2016, the FAA terminated its certification of certain ELTs manufactured by Ameri-King, and this week, Orolia announced it has developed a new version of its Integra model that has been specially adapted and packaged to make it easy to replace the affected ELTs. The new Kannad Ameri-Fit pack is available through Aircraft Spruce, Mid-Continent and other avionics suppliers. “We’ve produced more than 65,000 ELTs through the years,” said Christian Belleux, aviation product line director at Orolia, in a news release this week. “The Integra, with its 10-year warranty, is one of our most popular models, and now we’ve made it even easier to install as a replacement for the affected Ameri-King models.”

The FAA terminated its certification of the Ameri-King units after it determined that the manufacturer, based in California, had manufactured, sold or distributed parts for installation on FAA type-certificated aircraft that did not conform to an approved design, but were otherwise represented as FAA-approved. In September, the FAA issued an Airworthiness Directive stipulating that the affected units must be inspected once a year until they are replaced by an FAA-approved unit. The FAA estimated about 14,500 aircraft are affected by the AD.